The purpose of the International Certification Board (ICB) is to direct a comprehensive set of certification programs to assure customers of the sheet metal industry of the quality advantages of utilizing persons or entities certified by the ICB.

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Testing, Adjusting and Balancing

Contractors that use ICB-certified technicians and supervisors ensure that HVAC systems operate at the highest standards of energy efficiency, occupant comfort and ventilation effectiveness. ICB-certified professionals are recognized as the most competent, reliable and qualified in the HVAC industry. Hire ICB-certified professionals for a properly-functioning HVAC system.


Building commissioning is the process of attaining, verifying and documenting the performance of a building and its systems to ensure it meets the specifications and needs of the owner and occupants. ICB-certification shows that the supervisor is trained and competent in the HVAC systems to be performed. Studies prove higher occupant comfort levels and more efficient use of resources when certified professionals are used.

HVAC Sound and Vibration

Ideally, HVAC systems should run smoothly and with minimal noise. However, some “kick in” with vibrations and loud rolling clatter, which can be annoying to building occupants. The ICB-certified sound and vibration professional is vital in creating a solution using techniques of measurement and analysis. Certification is a statement that the contractor and supervisor have met ICB’s strictest standards.

Fume Hood Performance Testing

Contractors that use ICB-certified fume hood performance testing technicians provide a proven level of expertise by operating in accordance with the ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 110-1995. https://www.ashrae.org/standards-research--technology/standards-interpretations/interpretations-for-standard-110-1995 Keep your facility safe and your operators protected by hiring contractors that use ICB-certified fume hood performance testing technicians.

Total Building Energy Audit

It is estimated that up to half of the energy consumed by your building is wasted. Energy audits help building owners and facility managers determine where opportunities for energy conservation measures exist. Contractors that use ICB-certified energy audit professionals help commercial buildings conserve energy, improve performance and reduce overall costs.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Indoor air quality (IAQ) refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures. Air quality is represented by concentrations of pollutants and thermal (temperature and relative humidity) conditions that affect the health, comfort, and performance of occupants. ICB-certified HVAC professionals assure that building HVAC systems support acceptable IAQ.

Infection Control Awareness (ICA)

Due to market demand, the International Certification Board (ICB) has created the Infection Control Awareness Certification for workers in the HVAC sheet metal industry. This Certification focuses on the realities of construction sites within today’s health care facilities. With the Infection Control Awareness and HVAC Fire Life Safety certifications, NEMIC certifications meet leading industry best practices for a complete infection control awareness program.

HVAC Fire Life Safety

Fire and Smoke Damper and Smoke Control Systems

How do you know that your building’s HVAC fire and smoke dampers were really inspected? Any company can claim to perform proper inspections of HVAC fire life safety systems. But contractors that use ICB-certified Fire and Smoke Damper and Smoke Control Systems technicians and supervisors are qualified to inspect, test, maintain and repair fire and smoke dampers according to fire life safety codes.