The purpose of the International Certification Board (ICB) is to direct a comprehensive set of certification programs to assure customers of the sheet metal industry of the quality advantages of utilizing persons or entities certified by the ICB.

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For Engineers

Why use an ICB-certified contractor? In a word, value.

The key to ensuring your project is completed correctly, on-time and on-budget is to use the most qualified contractors, technicians and supervisors. And that means those with ICB certifications in the areas of HVAC testing, adjusting and balancing, and HVAC fire life safety.

One requirement of maintaining certification is continuing compliance with the stringent Code of Conduct:

“ICB-certified professionals practice their profession consistent with the leading ICB procedures and the highest quality of workmanship.”

ICB maintains the integrity of its certification program by:

  • Setting eligibility criteria for ICB-certified contractors and supervisors
  • Establishing testing procedures for ICB certified supervisors
  • Requiring continuing education and compliance with eligibility criteria for renewal of certification
  • Periodically reviewing its recognition of technician certification

ICB has a well-deserved reputation as the gold standard of the HVAC industry. ICB is the first and only ANSI-accredited certification program for HVAC testing, adjusting and balancing, and HVAC fire life safety. It conforms to ISO/IEC Standard 17024 Conformity assessmentGeneral requirements for bodies operating certification of persons.

The aim of ICB’s certification standards is to make sure that ICB-certified contractors, along with their technicians and supervisors, are competent, reliable, and qualified professionals.